June 2012
Volume 4, Number 2.

Whole issue as single pdf file:

pdf June 2012, Volume 4, Number 2

Table of contents:
pdf Bulletin cover
pdf M. Šimko Automated Acquisition of Domain Model for Adaptive Collaborative Web-Based Learning 1
pdf M. Pohronská Implementing Embedded Expert Systems via Programmable Hardware 10

Special Section on Student Research in Informatics and Information Technologies
pdf M. Bieliková,
P. Návrat
Preface to Special Section on Student Research in Informatics and Information Technologies 20
pdf P. Bielik Wi-Fi Mobility Classification on a Mobile Phone for Energy Efficient Activity Tracking 21
pdf Ľ. Demovič,
M. Konopka,
M. Lani and
M. Tomlein
Enhancing Web Surfing Experience in Conditions of Slow And Intermittent Internet Connection 25
pdf P. Dulačka Using Game to Enhance Quality of Music Tags 30
pdf M Hlatký and
V. Martinek
A New Presentation System with Interactive Educational Activities 32
pdf M. Kompan Group Inspired Single-User Collaborative Filtering 35
pdf M. Kottman Performance Evaluation of Visual Vocabularies for Object Recognition 38
pdf J. Kříž Keyword Extraction Based on Implicit Feedback 43
pdf F. Kudlacak Variometer with GPS logger - design and implementation 47
pdf M. Lipták Using Trainable Duplicate Detection for Automated Public Data Refining 51
pdf R. Móro Combinations of Different Raters for Text Summarization 56
pdf K. Rástočný Knowledge Tags Maintenance in Heterogeneous Web Content: The Repository 59
pdf I. Srba Collaboration Support by Groups Creation in Educational Domain 62
pdf I. Valenčík Recognition of Semantically Related Articles in Wikipedia 65
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