June 2011
Volume 3, Number 2.

Whole issue as single pdf file:

pdf June 2011, Volume 3, Number 2

Table of contents:
pdf Bulletin cover
pdf P. Kapec Knowledge-based Software Representation, Querying and Visualization 1
pdf J. Sedláčková Security Factors in Effort Estimation of Software projects 12
pdf L. Holík Abstract Regular Tree Model Checking with Nondeterministic Automata 18

Special Section on Student Research in Informatics and Information Technologies
pdf M. Bieliková,
P. Návrat
Preface to Special Section on Student Research in Informatics and Information Technologies 26
pdf F. Burda Decreasing Packet Loss of VoIP Calls by Optimising Transport Network 28
pdf R. Čapla Improving Flexibility of the Bee Hive Metaphor for Web Search by Adding New Parameters and Modifying Dispatching Strategy 32
pdf A. Fogelton Real-time Hand Tracking using Modificated Flocks of Features Algorithm 37
pdf M. Holub IInformation Integration in News Articles from Various Sources 42
pdf M. Hönsch Detecting User Communities Based on Latent and Dynamic Interest on a News Portal 47
pdf D. Chalupa On the Ability of Graph Coloring Heuristics to Find Substructures in Social Networks 51
pdf M. Jačala An Approach to Named Entity Disambiguation Based on Explicit Semantics 55
pdf M. Kottman Session Segmentation Based on Document Metadata 59
pdf T. Kramár Detecting Search Sessions Using Document Metadata and Implicit Feedback 64
pdf T. Kučečka Plagiarism Detection in Obfuscated Documents Usingan N-gram Technique 67
pdf E. Kuric Automatic Photo Annotation Based on Visual Content Analysis 72
pdf M. Labaj Web-based Learning Support based on Implicit Feedback 76
pdf Ľ. Lackovič Parallel Game Tree Search Using GPU 79
pdf M. Lohnický An Approach to Photo Album Visualization as a Collection of Memories and Experiences 83
pdf P. Magula An Extension of Stateless Wireless Ad hoc Networks Quality of Service Model 87
pdf P. Mederly A Method for Creating Messaging-Based Integration Solutions and its Evaluation 91
pdf P. Mindek Visual Artefacts Removal in Volumetric Visualization 96
pdf A. Paulovič Bee Nest-Site Selection Clustering 100
pdf K. Rástočný Navigation Based on Adaptive Views 104
pdf J. Súkeník Solving of Image Similarity Puzzle – Singular Value Decomposition 109
pdf J. Ševcech Mapping Words Between Slovak Text and its Translation to English 113
pdf J. Šimko Augmenting Human Computed Lightweight Semantics 116
pdf M. Šimko Automated Domain Model Creation for Adaptive Social Educational Environments 119
pdf M. Uhlík The Similarity Detection in Slovak Texts by Compression Method 122
pdf D. Zeleník An Approach to Context Aware Event Reminding 126
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